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SeriesLight Green

This series is only sold in Vietnam

Brightening & Protection Cream

  • IngredientsShanfujung (Hibiscus Taiwanensis Complex Extract)Cetearyl OlivateSorbitan OlivateIsopropyl IsostearateCylomethiconeSqualeneCetyl AlcoholBisabololStearic AcidCarbomerAllantoinTitanium DioxideAluminaTrehaloseButylene GlycolPhenoxyethanolEthylparabenButylparabenIsobutylparabenLaminaria OchroleucaPropylparabenMethylparabenBergamot OilPurified Water
  • EffectEffectively prevent UV damage to the skin, meanwhile repair skin and avoid damage caused by free radicals.
  • DirectionTake appropriate to put on the face or in exposure to the sun parts of the skin.
  • R&D companyHERCET  BIOTECH  CO., LTD.
  • Capacity: 50g

Cleansing  nano gel

  • IngredientsShanfujung (Hibiscus Taiwanensis Complex Extract)Sodium Lauroyl GlutamateOat β-Glucan ExtractStearyl AlcoholBergamot OilPolyethylene Glycol 8000Trehalose
  • Effect2 in 1 effect cleansing for purify and moisturize. It maintains moisture or even improves the elasticity and skin tone.
  • DirectionTo be used mornings and evenings, massage delicately with circular movements, then rinse away and proceed with toning.
  • R&D companyHERCET  BIOTECH  CO., LTD.
  • Capacity120 g

Skin Repair Gel

  • IngredientsShanfujung (Hibiscus Taiwanensis Complex Extract)D-PanthenolTrehaloseBetaineAllantoinNeroli Essence Oil
  • Effect
    • The unique herbal rejuvenating formula'' shanfujung  KGF'' has the superior effect of smoothing the damaged skin and quickly rejuvenating, healing, and  promoting  the activation  and regeneration of skin texture.
    • It can effectively alleviate and repair all kinds of skin  irritations. Suitable for skin care use .
  • IndicationsBurns, sunburn, cuts ,wounds, frostbite, eczema, insect bites, skin itching and acne, etc. Repair and care of dry, cracking and peeling skins.
  • DirectionTake an appropriate amount and apply to the affected area. The product can be applied repeatedly for a better result. Use the product to eliminate any skin irritation immediately.
  • R&D companyHERCET  BIOTECH Co., LTD.
  • Capacity: 50g